Psychrometric calculator


Psychrometric calculator for Air Conditioning & Meteorology
This calculator determines all the properties of moist air directly from any of the three basic sources of measurement, i.e. by a simple setting of:
– Wet Bulb to Dry Bulb Temperature (screen or aspirated)
– Wet Bulb Temperature to Depression (screen or aspirated)
– Dry Bulb Temperature to Relative Humidity

It gives:

Dew Point Vapour Pressure
Frost Point Moisture Content
Latent Heat Specific Enthalpy
Sensible Heat Specific Volume
Specific Humidity
Mixing Ratio
Vapour Density
Altitude Correction

HIGH ACCURACY eliminates interpolation from tables and charts as temperature scales are calibrated in 0.20C permitting settings to 0.10C or less. The Relative Humidity scaling is also very accurate. The basic properties are per kg of dry air at standard atmospheric pressure of 1013.25 mb but the Specific Humidity and Mixing Ratio are given for any barometric pressure down to 300 mb. Additional scales allow for correction of the Wet Bulb Depression for the effects of low barometric pressure or altitude. The properties of mixed air from two or more different streams can also be obtained.

Wet Bulb Temperature 0 to 29 0C 32 to 84 0F
Ice Bulb Temperature -50 to 0 0C -40 to 32 0F
Dry Bulb Temperature -53 to 44 0C -58 to 110 0F
Frost Point -50 to O 0C -40 to 32 0F
Dew Point -53 to 29 0C -.56 to 84 0F
Depression 0 to 22 0C 0 to 42 0F

Imperial or Metric

7-3/4″ diameter

Single sided, 3 colour
Complete in case with full instructions

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