Pipe flow calculator for liquids & gas (turbulent flow)


The majority of practical problems fall within the turbulent flow range and this calculator determines the required pipe size, flow or pressure loss for any liquid, e.g. water, fuel oils, acids, solvents, and also for any gas (at low pressures) flowing under turbulent conditions in steel or cast iron pipes.

PRESSURE LOSS, FLOW or PIPE SIZE are found from the front of the calculator by a simple setting of two dials to the known details of length, viscosity, specific gravity, etc.
Scales on the reverse side permit an instant check to be made on whether the flow conditions are turbulent or streamline.

VISCOSITIES OF OVER 50 LIQUIDS at various temperatures are also given on the reverse side along with scales for viscosity conversion – Redwood – Saybolt – Centistokes and on the Metric model – Engler degrees.

Diameter 6 to 1,000 mm Liquid Flow 0.005 to 1,300 litre/s
Length 1.5 to 2,000,000 m Gas Flow 1.5 to 30,000 m3/h

Imperial, Metric or U.S.

7-5/8″ diameter

Two sided, 3 colour
Complete in case with full instructions

Price including VAT and excluding delivery costs.