Orifice & nozzle flow calculator


This calculator determines the flow rates of fluids through the various types of flow measuring nozzles and orifices, including: orifice plates, nozzles, venturi nozzles, venture tubes, pitot tubes, quarter circle orifice plates and conical entrance orifice plates.

Liquids, gases or steam are handled with equal facility, the flow being obtained in terms of either volume or mass whichever is desired. The flow coefficient of the various recommended orifice or nozzles vary according to type, diameter, and the relative size of pipe in which they are fitted. The reverse side of the calculator determines these coefficients for liquid flows and also the correction which may be necessary for gas flows to allow for expansion should the pressure loss across the orifice or nozzle be large.

Gas densities in Kg/m3 are quickly obtained for any gas according to pressure, temperature and specific gravity, a special section being provided for this purpose. This considerably facilitates the calculation of gas flows.

Pipe bores from 40 to 2,000 mm
Orifice Diameter 7 to 1,200 mm


7-5/8″ diameter

Two sided, 2 colour
Complete in case with full instructions

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