Feet & inches to millimeters calculator


This is a handy pocket-sized instrument designed for converting dimensions measured in feet, inches and fractions of an inch instantaneously to millimetres, and vice-versa.
The scaling gives a high degree of accuracy and is varied to suit practical requirements, being more open at the lower end so that small dimensions are easily read to 1/64″ whilst larger ones near 100 ft. are read to 1/4″. Thus such figures as 4-23/64″ or 85′ – 3-1/4″ are readily converted by direct reading to 110.7 mm and 25.99 metres respectively.

Range 0″ to 100 ft. scaled in fractions of an inch

5-3/4″ diameter

Single sided, 1 colour
Complete in case

Price including VAT and excluding delivery costs.