Domestic heating calculator


An instrument, simple and quick to use, which determines the heating requirements for older types of domestic premises and also the sizes of all the equipment needed for ‘the installation. Gives answers close to those obtained by detailed calculation.
Simply set two dials to:- length, width, height of room, temperature required and type of construction and the Calculator gives immediately an assessment of the total Heat required.

RADIATOR, BOILER AND PIPE SIZES including smallbore and microbore.
These are quickly obtained from the reverse side. A preliminary pipe size for each circuit is indicated directly from the heat requirements and enables pipe layouts to be readily arranged. Alternative sizes are shown for small bore and microbore.

Imperial Model 14 (for outside wall U values 0. 1 to 0.37 Btu/ft2/h/0F).
Metric Model 15 (for outside wall U values 0.6 to 2.1 W/m2 K).

Imperial or Metric

7-5/8″ diameter

Two sided, 4 colour
Complete in case with full instructions

Price including VAT and excluding delivery costs.